Nelonen Media

Viihteen aika

(The Time for Entertainment)

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In a collaboration with Nelonen Media we developed a seasonal campaing identity and brand campaign for a new Nelonen TV season. Entertainment, enjoyment, and having fun were the core drivers for planning.


We aimed to create something visually attractive and identifiable, to stand out from other TV channels and to strongly connect with Nelonen Media and favorite shows and series throughout the season. It was a true celebration of colors and Nelonen’s vibrant stars.

The campaign was launched with extensive media coverage and bolstered by outdoor and print ads, becoming a colorful beacon across various platforms. 

  • Animated key visual illustration with Nelonen stars connected to seasonal brand identity
  • 30 sec TV Commercial
  • Versions from each show smashups 
  • Cutdown versions for TV and other video platforms
  • Social Media Ads
  • Print and Dooh ads


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