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We’ve had the pleasure of working with MedEngine for quite a few years, and have had the honor of watching them rise from a small underdog in the industry to a powerhouse of medical affairs and science-based marketing.

Knowing their attention to detail and the value they place on aesthetics as a tool for both communication and marketing, we were both excited and nervous when they approached us about refreshing their website and brand elements.

MedEngine and us both knew that there was great opportunity for differentiation of the brand from the rest of the competition, so we set out to create visual content and a site that spoke strongly of the values and profesional capabilities of the company, whilst still looking like the people that lead it.


For a brand to work, the people behind it need to completely own and be able to stand behind it.

Medical affairs and marketing is a field where trust and honesty is at the forefront of successful business. Knowing that both Tero (CEO, Founder), and Niina (Business Development Director) from MedEngine have a love for clean, beautiful Scandinavian design and aesthetics, we had a strong direction to head to.

To strengthen the position of MedEngine as a serious contender in their field, both us and the client wanted to bring a human touch to an otherwise cold industry.

Trust is born out of professionalism and a track-record of great scientific know-how, but it is the people of the company that carry that trust.


This is why we chose early on that everything that we show on the site, should carry with it a human touch, a hint of warmth or a smile, something that makes the potential customer feel both welcome on the site, and at home enough to want to spend time there.

We had a photoshoot day where in which the entire MedEngine team was featured.

This is also why when choosing the color palette, we wanted to include both traditional medical field templates including light hues of blues, pinks and greens, but bring them to a human level by turning them into a pastel palette.

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