Superhumanity by Wilfa

None of us is superhuman. Still, the world is full of incredible human beings who have a lot to give and share. Sometimes we all have pressure where Superhumanity is required, and that might be challenging our well-being. Well-being belongs to everyone but often does now appear as commonly believed.

We planned and produced Five episode Youtube -series together with personal trainer and nutrition coach Kanerva Ahonala and Wilfa Finland. In Superhumanity we look into the stories of well-known personalities’ lives and find out what well-being means for them.

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Art Director: Sonja Pennanen
Photography: Olli Keskinen
Client Director: Janne Tarvonen

Director: Janne Amunét
DoP: Jeremias Nieminen
Editor: Joonas Tsokkinen
Animation: Camilo Hidalgo