Olympus Cameras – Revel

REVEL – A theatrical proof of concept trailer shot n the new Olympus OM-D E-M1X

Sometimes when faced with a brief, an idea pops into your head and you can get to work quickly.
This was not one of those briefs.

In October 2018 Olympus Europe approached us asking if we would be interested in creating the official global quality example video for a future product that they would unveil in 2019.
We flew out to Cologne to receive the brief along with a heavy NDA and a locked briefcase with the product inside.

However that is where the challenge started. The brief was to create a film that would showcase the capabilities of the new camera to a maximum, whilst being a standalone video interesting enough to pull viewers in for the share enjoyment of the experience. And all of this in under three minutes.

Easier done than said.

It is when we are willing to take risks and let people loose to create original, passion driven work, that the results stand out.


The new camera featured over twenty features that we would need to somehow showcase in our film, and with a limited timeframe and budget, we would have to do some considerable magic to deliver.

We went through dozens of concepts but had trouble figuring out a format that would work for the purposes of the brief.
Because we needed to both show off the capabilities of the camera and create an original piece worth watching, it was not easy to come up with a solution that catered to both. Either we were favoring one over the other or sacrificing communication for story and vice versa.

The answer came when we change our thinking from story and functionalities and started asking the right question.

What platform or format of video is our target group used to watching where you can freely jump between multiple locations, shot types, days, places, and cinematography techniques?

The answer then was very clear. Movie trailers.
Movie trailers are the ultimate blender for any type of video content. They always come under three minutes and within the frame of trailers, the viewer expects to see a variety of scenes, cuts, locations and styles of cinematography.

We knew this was the perfect platform and then it was onto the production.


We quickly drew out a draft of a story with multiple scenes where each scene highlighted some aspect of the new camera. We then packaged these scenes into a simple cinematic story of a relationship between a father, son and granddaughter.

Enclosed within the frame of a trailer, we were able to
write beautiful characters and one liners that would translate fantastically into a cohesive package that was still dramatic and heart wrenching as a single video.

After we received the green light for the concept, we would have to have wrapped within two weeks, and delivered the final files within three.

We chose to shoot in a very improvisational style where we created very deep character profiles for our casted actors, fed them lines and information and constructed the scenes through improvisation and reaction.

This not only showed the cameras capabilities to the fullest, but allowed us to wrap a ginormous amount of scenes in just under two days.

The resulting film delivered on all points of the brief. An emotionally and visually entrancing film that beautifully showed off the functionalities of the camera, especially when supported by the behind the scenes film we also made for Olympus.

The launch of the camera was a success and we were fortunate to have been able to support such a large undertaking for a global company by providing solutions to difficult storytelling problems.

Behind the Scenes -video


Executive Producers: Michael Guthmann, Henrik Tanabe and Andreas Grabowski
Produced by: Olli Keskinen and Janne Tarvonen
Story by: Janne Amunét, Misael Sine and Joonas Tsokkinen
Director of Photography: Jeremias Nieminen
Unit Photographer: Joonas Tsokkinen
Production Sound Mixer: Juho Salaterä
Production Designer: Hanna Miettinen
Make Up Artist: Emma Räsänen
Key Grip: Misael Sine
Editor: Jeremias Nieminen
Colourist: Jeremias Nieminen and Janne Amunét
Sound Designer: Juho Salaterä
Sound Editor: Riku Kuikka
Original Music by: Ben Winwood
Written and Directed by: Janne Amunét