Viiden vuoden takuu

(The Five Year Warranty)

Campaign     Concept     Copywriting     Production     Post-production

Wilfa wanted to emphasize its exceptional 5-year standard warranty for all its products. We connected the concept of 5 years to something we’re familiar with: a question often asked in a job interview or when discussing life goals. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” For all Wilfa products, the answer is, “right here,” where the customer intended it to be.

The film concept was built around a five-year time lapse in a Wilfa Design type kitchen, with a 20-second TV commercial. It highlights the fact that many things change in life, and we continue to grow, but some things remain the same for sure.

  • Main product was 20 sec TV Commercial
  • Cutdown versions for Social Media
  • Print and Dooh ads for still advertising surfaces

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