Lataa itsesi uuteen seikkailuun

(Recharge yourself for a new adventure)

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In car advertising, ads often feel very global and distant from Nordic lifestyle and point of view. Porsche asked us to plan and produce a launch campaign that resonates with customers locally and in our culture. We came up with a concept connecting our need to recharge ourselves in Nordic nature and the Cross Turismo’s capabilities to drive on roads more rugged and remote.

The film concept was built around our local actor and Porsche ambassador, Lauri Tilkanen, and we took him on an adventure to Finnish nature to draw a storyline where he finds a balance with his stressful work as a film actor.

Additionally, we produced a virtual launch event where the car was showcased in the studio in a cool forested setup.

  • Main product was 20 sec TV Commercial
  • Cutdown versions for TV and other video platforms
  • Social media ads
  • Virtual launch event video 
  • Print and Dooh ads for still advertising surfaces

Virtual Launch Event


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