Porsche – Macan Advantage

We received a simple brief from Porsche Finland that had a few simple requisites we needed to fill.

Porsche needed a way to quickly react with a video to the sudden rise of one of their sponsored athletes, Tennis doubles professional Henri Kontinen, who had just become the first ranking player in the world.
They wanted to use this sudden fame quickly to promote one of their new models, the Macan and it’s new “Advantage Package” offer that they had put together.  

With the car being aimed at younger, career driven professionals, they also wanted something that would visually speak to that target group.


Armed with the music piece and detailed shotlist, we commenced filming at an exquisite location, an old airport in Helsinki.

We wanted to retain a very dynamic, fast paced, energetic feel through the entire film and had decided to shoot everything handheld.

Having made that decision, shooting car sequences is handheld is always risky and difficult due to concerns of safety at 100 km/h speeds with people strapped to a low-bed truck.
However we achieved everything we had planned for the car sequences and along with some innovative tactics, like putting a generator and a heavy smoke machine into a van that drove around the track for some atmosphere, we came out with stunning visuals.

We took segments with both the car and Henri, that made it feel like the car and Henri were connected, almost doubles partners, playing and driving to the same rhythm.

When put all together, we achieved a very dynamic, modern interpretation of how Tennis and sports cars actually do belong together.

The client and results of the campaign were very successful and the video a hit home within its target groups, boosting the brand to new levels in Finland.


Director: Amunét Brothers

DoP: Janne Amunét
Producer: Olli Keskinen
Music: Miika Pesso
AD & styling: Sonja Pennanen
MuaH: Emma Räsänen
Gaffer: Antero Sälpäkivi
Additional Cinematography: Niklas Chambers, Misael Sine

Editor: Jeremias Nieminen
Color grading: Janne Amunét