Olympus Cameras – This is OM-D

Olympus needed a film intro for the their new camera launch event in early 2019. The brief included referencing the OM-D history, highlighting camera system benefits, and slingshotting peoples expectations from the past into the future.

To answer this we created an epic slow-motion film depicting the important seconds before, for three photographers about to take a photo.
Filmed in super slow motion, we were able to use the method for highlighting how Olympus truly creates products so that their clients can always capture the moments when they happen.

Along with a custom Japanese voice-over and original score, the live experience was jaw dropping and a huge hit amongst the crowd.

“Make sure your thoughts, ideas, your vision, will never got buried.”


Produced by: Olli Keskinen
Director: Janne Amunét
Director of Photography: Jeremias Nieminen
1AC: Jami Granström
Gaffer: Ville Tolvanen
Production Designer: Hanna Miettinen
Make Up Artist: Emma Räsänen
Production Assistants: Misael Sine & Joonas Tsokkinen
Editor: Jeremias Nieminen
Colourist: Jeremias Nieminen and Janne Amunét
Sound Designer: Miika Pesso & Mikko Pennanen
Original Music by: Miika Pesso & Mikko Pennanen