Olympus Cameras – Brand Film

The field of camera marketing is a tough battleground. Everyone is trying to be epic, adventurous, yolo and cool, but in this over saturated world of awesome and polished social media feeds, something that is real, raw and honest goes a long way.

We had the privilege to create a new Brand Video for Olympus Cameras, which is focusing on creating a new image for their brand with the Brake Free campaign.


Customer: Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG – Inga Schwan & Hannah Schulze

Director: Janne Amunét
Producers: Janne Tarvonen & Olli Keskinen
DoP: Jeremias Nieminen
Gaffer: Joonas Tsokkinen
Stylist: Yoonsik Kim
Make up artist: Emma Räsänen
Prod. assistant: Misael Sine

Edit: Jeremias Nieminen
Graphics & Animation: Camilo Hidalgo & Hanna Miettinen
Grade: Janne Amunét & Jeremias Nieminen
Music: Miika Pesso & Mikko Pennanen
Voiceover: Biniyam Schelling