Mission Workshop – The Friija Leather Collection

San Francisco based Mission Workshop needed photography and a branded documentary video to tell an origin story of their new line of leather clothing, made of Swedish reindeer hides.
We were able to deliver stunning images shot during midnight sun in the farthest reaches of wild Lapland.

With both beautiful photographs, an original name concept for their clothing and a documentary showcasing the products and their origin, the result was a beautiful product launch that the KAUAS family had an honor to support.


Client: Mission Workshop
Director: Janne Amunét
DoP, editor: Jeremias Nieminen
Photography: Misael Sine
Producer: Hanna Heikkilä, Olli Keskinen, Janne Tarvonen
Grade: Janne Amunét
Music: Ben Winwood

A special thanks to all the folks at Kero Leather and Tomas Sevä