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Before the


— At Kauas

We solve marketing problems with superior ideas that produce measurable results.

KAUAS is Finnish and translates as “going the distance”. This is at our core as we believe the best trips are the ones where everyone arrives at the destination.

We think that the greatest creativity flows from great relationships, and that is why we always value collaboration, with you the customer. As our client, you should be left wiser after every project.

— Through

We’d call this a manifesto, but both you and me know it’s too silly for that.

(However we are dead serious about these.)


For people.

If it ain’t for the people it ain’t worth doing.
We add value to your customers and to you through what we do.
We will also never partake in anything that devalues someone or their human experience.

There’s always someone out there that wants to hear what you’ve got to say. Let us find you a creative bridge to mend the gap.


Easy like Monday mornings.

Good relationships are built on trust. We want to earn your trust by making sure working with us makes your life easier, less busy and more relaxed.  Working with us means you won’t have to fear Mondays no more. Kick your feet up, grab a pina-colada and watch things happen.

And don’t worry. We will join you once we’re done. #lovemyjob


Cinnamon rolls.

Just thought that reading about a warm, melt-in-your-mouth, treat might make you happy. See? You just smiled.

Come pop by for some proper coffee and we will make sure to treat you with a roll or two, whilst making sure you not only leave with your sweetooth satisfied, but ideas that will make you (and your boss) double smile.

It’s a pretty darn good deal if you ask me.



We’re pretty simple people who believe in good old honesty.

You know like the good kind of honesty that tells a friend when they have a nasty botch of salad wedged between their teeth?  Yeah… that kind of honesty. Friends don’t let friends screw up so we will always be honest with you.


Awesome never happened without hard work.
(Except babies. They happen and we wouldn’t call the work exactly hard. )

But besides the point. We’ve always thought that hard work trumps talent every time. So add to the fact that we are a group of ridiculously talented individuals with unique strengths and a killer work morale and you’ll be getting some #awesomesauce even if you didn’t order it.


We want to create visual products that elevate your brand or service in a way that elevates the people around that.

Let’s go further together.